Welcome to the Southern San Joaquin Valley


The SSJV MPEP Committee includes seven irrigated agricultural water quality coalitions located in California’s Central Valley, generally between Fresno and Bakersfield, representing members/growers who irrigate agricultural crops to grow food, feed, fiber, and fuel in one of the most productive areas of the planet.

Week of Events

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Growing the Valley (https://www.growingthevalleypodcast.com/ ) is a great series of podcasts by UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, in which many aspects of fruit and nut tree production are discussed with knowledgeable scientists from within and outside of the UC system. Of particular interest for Irrigated Lands coalition grower/members will be a series on nitrogen management that commenced on 4/15/2020. Listening is a piece of cake, either through a browser or with a podcast application on a smartphone or ipad. Supplementary information is often posted on the website.

Project Partners

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
California Department of Food and Agriculture
University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources



The Management Practices Evaluation Program, or MPEP, was devised to compliment other components of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s General Order for growers in the Tulare Lake Basin. This facet of the General Order, along with Coalitions’ Groundwater Quality Management Plans, contains most of the actions to actually protect water quality, along with the most rigorous performance demonstrations.This is where we go beyond simple metrics that might indicate a problem, and go through the steps required to solve problems. The SSJV MPEP Committee was recently awarded $2m through the USDA NRCS Conservation Innovative Grant program. This grant award, combined with match contributions exceeding $2m, provides part of the funding necessary for successful implementation of the MPEP.