Crop Yield to Nitrogen Removed Calculator

Version 1.0, May 2017

The Crop Yield to Nitrogen Removed Calculator (also known as the Y-to-R Calculator) estimates N removed (R) and the ratio of N applied (A) to N removed (A/R). Results can be calculated on inputs for a single crop or for multiple crops. Conversion factors were developed by UC Davis (Geisseler 2016) based on the best available information. The conversion factors will continue to be refined as additional research becomes available.

None of the data entered into this calculator is saved; this tool and any calculated outputs are only displayed for your reference.

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If you wish to perform the calculations offline, download the offline calculator by clicking the "Download Offline Calculator" button. You must have Microsoft Excel in order to use this file. Note, when opening the offline calculator, you may see a popup message regarding links to information in another workbook. Click the "Ignore Links" button to proceed with using the calculator.
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