2019 California Irrigation Institute Conference

Sacramento Arden-West Hilton 2200 Harvard Street, Sacramento, CA, United States

The California Irrigation Institute hosts an annual conference on California water issues, water use efficiency, water quality and surface and groundwater management. The conferences feature leading water industry experts, government agency heads, water district managers, innovative farmers and vendors with leading water saving products. The sessions aim to discuss research results and practical field experience.

California Irrigation Institute Conference

Anyone with an interest in agricultural or urban water management should attend this conference. There is a diverse group of attendees that includes agricultural and urban water purveyors, manufacturers, engineers, consultants and government agencies. All registrants will have access to the recorded proceedings after event.


Annual CII Conference – Fluid Futures: Adapting to Extremes

Hilton Sacramento Arden West 2200 Harvard St., Sacramento, CA

Attend California Irrigation Institute's 62nd annual conference, Fluid Futures: Adapting to Extremes! This is a two-day conference in Sacramento, California. Many interesting topics are covered, including water resource management, climate extreme's effects on soils, AI and water use, response panels, and much more. Click this link to register. Dates: February 26-27, 2024 Location: Hilton Sacramento…