Crop Yield to Nitrogen Removed Calculator

The Crop Yield to Nitrogen Removed Calculator (also known as the Y-to-R Calculator) estimates N removed (R) and the ratio of N applied (A) to N removed (A/R). Results can be calculated on inputs for a single crop or for multiple crops. Conversion factors were developed by UC Davis (Geisseler 2021) based on the best available information. The conversion factors will continue to be refined as additional research becomes available.

Data in this calculator are intended to inform users of general trends across the southern Central Valley and are provided by members of the Southern San Joaquin MPEP committee. This information is compiled from operations spanning most of Fresno, Kern, Kings, and Tulare counties and represents a wide range of climatic, soil, and management practices covering more than 1.1 million acres. Contextual information such as orchard age, crop failure, and poor market conditions are not always reported. To account for yield limiting circumstances, these data were pre-screened prior to their presentation. For perennial crops, yield and nitrogen applied values less than 30% of the area-weighted average were removed (except for grape classes where only yield was considered). For annuals, yield and nitrogen applied values less than 20% the area-weighted average were removed. Provided below are efficiency metrics of applied nitrogen (N) over N removed (A/R), and applied N minus N removed with the harvest (A-R). For crops for which sufficient data exist, users can view 25th and 75th percentiles as well as area-weighted averages to understand more common values and ranges. The number of reports and acreages associated with a given crop are also provided. Users are advised to consider these when evaluating their relative performance as in general, larger sample sizes will result in more representative values.

None of the data entered into this calculator are saved; this tool and any calculated outputs are only displayed for your reference.

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